Curly Coats


                        Most exhibitors feel this is too hard and extremely difficult to keep in condition and knot free without trimming which is not strictly allowed. (imagine yourself with a perm and hair down to your shoulders having run through a fields then trying to comb the hair through! The curly coated water dog is extremely popular in America although they are more often seen in a retriever clip (about 1 inch hair length over the whole body as well as ears trimmed) and in America both a lion clip and retriever clipped Portuguese Water Dog can be shown in the same class . As pets the curly coat is certainly easy to keep trimmed as with its curls it easily looks neat and tidy and a quick “hair do” at the grooming salon keeps the coat in good order for some time and many people even enjoy keeping the coat trimmed themselves as it is not fast growing. Apart from the different coat the dog underneath is the same as a wavy coated but it is surprising how much difference a coat makes, although when you think of how hair styles changes us I suppose it is not so surprising.  more


A black and white curly coated pwd who won a Challenge Certificate at a young age but then was not shown very much as unfortunately few judges appreciate a curly in full coat and most exhibitors are starting to trim curly coats, if they are shown at all.Many breeders do not like showing a curly coated because in the UK we leave the coat in a lion clip making the front half of the dog very long coated. 

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