Early Years

At the first listing of WD classes ’89

CARTMEL HARLEQUIN was BOB               &                CARTMEL THE FISHERMAN BOS


1990-Harlequin emerges as Top Dog, with her sire & dam Top Sire & Top Dam                                      1991- Harlequin repeated her Top Dog and was also Best Rare Breed – a feat to be proud of as there were 1,500 rare breeds at that time. Harlequin was also BOB at the first classes held at Crufts.                                             1992- Top Dog, Top Stud & Top Brood awards again to Cartmel with Harlequin BOB at Crufts, & Cartmel Sea Voyager Best Dog. Harlequin BIS at PWD Club of GB 1st Open Show                                                                                                                                  1993 Same wins repeated – Harlequin Top Dog & BOB at Crufts Sea Voyager Best Dog at Crufts plus Top Sire & Top Brood. Harlequin BIS at PWD Club of GB 2nd Open Show                                                             1994- Harlequin semi-retired, Cartmel Sea Voyager took over with BOB at Crufts to Harlequins Best Bitch Sea Voyager BIS at PWD Club of GB 3rd Open Show


(Cartmel The Seafarer x Cartmel Sea Diver)

Born ..07/11/99....

PRCD - Tested Genetically Normal         JDCM-Probable Normal  

Hip score 4/5=9

Numerous wins BOB & BIS’s prior to 2007 when the breed was awarded Championship status in the UK and he became the

1st UK champion

Top winning PWD since CC’s first awarded in 2007 – 2011 when he retired to enjoy a well earned rest although he may still enjoy an occasional outing he has left the all out dog showing to his many progeny to take on.

1995 -  New Star –quarantine born Cartmel The Seafarer (CPC Ch Porao Do Vale Negro X Marinha Do Vale Negro)

Starting the year with Best Dog at Crufts & BOB at 5 Championship shows also Best Rare Breed at National Working Breeds Championship Show.

Top dog 1995,96,97,98 & Top Stud dog 2000,01,02.


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