Bearded Collies



Whistbrae Bearded Collies......

Alan & Viv started with their first Bearded Collie from the Willowmead kennel having fell in love with a shaggy looking brown dog only to discover it was a pedigree Beardie.

Willowmead Sheer Delight was a typical Bearded Collie  and taught them a lot about dog behaviour in general and Beardies in particular. What to do and what not to do. “MacMillan”,  as he was lovingly called, loved people  and loved nothing more than greeting them in the age old manor of a beardie by jumping up to see them almost eye to eye. With a tail that could clear a coffee table and 

an excitable nature with an overabundance of enthusiasm he quickly sorted people into those who could cope with a beardie and those who simply could not! Having decided to enter into the show world  their first deliberate purchase for a “show” dog gave them Charncroft Captain Cook. This dog loved Viv in particular and he was a lovely beardie with a sensible steady temperament. He had a lovely dark eye and good pigment, with a soft expression and he proved to be slate   

 dominant and did not produce the mis-marked pups  occurring in the breed in its early days. Later Charncroft Cloverbelle joined the kennel and became their first champion.She excelled in a long free flowing movement and a super lay of shoulder. from her came their first home bred champions Ch Whistbrae Belle of the Ball who also won the working group in 1989 at Birmingham National Championship Show and there followed her daughter Whistbrae My Belle and her daughter Whistbrae Pebelles both winning CC's whilst it was from a Captain Cook daughter that their champion boy arrived Ch Whistbrae Outlaw      

Having this success and having bred some lovely puppies who went to super people, most of whom kept in touch they decided they needed something to have a little fun with and through Alans friendship with Pat Jones who was showing Beardies at the same time under the Wellknowe affix started helping with the Cartmel Portuguese Water dogs

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